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About me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Mairi Rivers and I live in Northern Ireland with my husband and four active children. I am a keen runner and always looking to improve both through training and nutrition.

I went vegan in 2016, after over 20 years as a vegetarian. I only intended to try it out for a month, but after two weeks I couldn’t see any reason to go back. It was something that I had wanted to do for years, but I thought I couldn’t live without cheese and chocolate and I was afraid of compromising my children’shealth with a badly thought through diet. However, after a little research and, with a good excuse to buy more recipe books, I found that we were able to eat almost all the things we had eaten before, and I quickly became adept at ‘veganising’ recipes. Two of my children soon joined me as vegans, and, although my husband and my other two children are vegetarian, everything I prepare and cook at home is vegan.

I started sharing my food on Instagram and, as my posts became more popular, I used my previous experience as a wedding and portrait photographer to improve my food photography. I became more confident in the kitchen and started creating my own recipes. Now I also develop recipes for other people and work with brands whose products I love.

As you may have noticed from the title of my blog I am also a proud redhead and so far have attended the Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands 3 times. It is currently the biggest redhead gathering in the world and is fun to be around so many gingers for a weekend and no longer feel like the odd one out!

Photo by Bart Rouwenhorst
Redhead Days 2015 photo by Bart Rouwenhorst